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Transfering Ipod Info to Computer

Transfering Ipod info to Computer. I've looked at sites on line but i just get more lost. Too much info. I can't figure out what i need..."

Keeping a 13 Year Old Wiht Adhd Entertained on a Boat

iPod has some great chargers that plug right into the wall outlet so the iPod ... away for the one's who don't enjoy fishing as much as the rest of us. ...

To Much Phone

He has good grades. but it seems like he is talking way to much with his girlfeind .... He's spending way too much time on the computer/phone... he could be ...

IPOD Nano-----ZUNE---- OR---- SONY ?????

I am SO disappointed... it uses SO much RAM on the computer -- it's ... I can also listen to radio stations on it, which I don't think you can on the IPOD. ...

How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

He claims that our kids (7 and 5) argue and fight too much because..." ... podcasts onto my ipod (catholic hack) and listening to that during my chores. ...

Allowances: at What Age Do We Start and How Much $

We always had talked about it before, but it makes it much easier when we are having ..... announced recently she has almost $100 and is looking at an Ipod. ...

Lying Behavior Issues for My Boys, Consequences?

(Bank or store gives you too much money, etc. ... If your main goal is to get your Ipod back I would sit the boys and say mom is going out to the garage and ...

In So Much Debt

I'm in soo much debt and don't know what to do. I am so depressed, anyone with any ... or download some of his broadcasts off the website to your ipod. ...

Need Help with Birthday Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Girl

You can get a prepaid visa card or an itunes gift card if she has an ipod. I have a 13 year old daughter and no matter how much I think she will love ...

13 Year Old Boy GIFT Idea?????

J.C. answers from San Antonio on December 17, 2007. Does he have an IPOD or MP3 player? You can find ones in your price range pretty much anywhere. ...
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