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Lying Behavior Issues for My Boys, Consequences?

I got home from the grocery store, Alex, 4, told me Eric took your ipod and went outside while papa was mowing. I confronted Eric and he said he would never ...

From a Moms Point of View

ok my situation my daughter 9 years old wants an ipod for xmas and the one we .... All three of my girls would LOVE a ipod...but they are too expensive to ...

I POD, MP3 Help!!

My 6 year old daughter has been asking for an ipod since last Christmas. While I don't really want to buy her an ipod I would like to get her something..."

8-Year Old Constantly Loses Her Stuff

She has lost her iPod, her Nintendo DS, her phone, her mittens, her scarf, two shirts, a pair of pants, countless socks, her hat, her coat, her wallet...the ...

Christmas Dilemma- Update

I told my daughter that she would not be getting this expensive ipod, instead, I would take her shopping and she could pick out her gift and we could spend ...

What to Get 15 Year Old Nephew

Dec 14, 2009 ... If he has an Ipod and uses iTunes, get him a gift card for iTunes. .... All teenagers have ipods. You can buy these for $15, $25, ...

Ideas for MP3 Player. Where Do I Get the Music??

My grandson has the Ipod but my son has a MP3 player and they both down load stuff from the ... Ipod is a brand of MP3 player just like all the others. ...

8 Year Old Son Is Telling Lies and Being Sneaky

Last week he took his new iPod to school, right after we told him he couldn't. ... and if its a good enough reason (like not taking his Ipod to school ...

I Need Suggestions for Songs for My I-pod

I use Limewire to download songs and add onto my Ipod. ... I have a lot of Madonna on my iPod (they remind me of my youth and they have good beats). ...

Help with I Pod Shuffle

He left his ipod in his shorts and I washed them. ... It might work but you'll likely owe your son a new ipod. bummer! Helpful? ...
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