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Savings Bonds

H.D. asks from Cleveland

Hi, Has anyone gotten a savings bond on-line? I've always gone to the bank to get them & now banks don't do them any more. I feel like it's not so safe now because a...


Investment Broker Advice

J.S. asks from Dallas

My husband and I will be having our first initial consultation with an investment broker within the next couple of weeks. I'm pretty much on top of our finances, but...


Buying Savings Bonds for My Toddler's Future

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I know nothing about savings bonds, but have heard that they double in value after 7 years from the time of purchase. Is this true? If I buy a $500 saving...


GVT Savings Bonds- Questions for the Money Wise/ Math Inclined

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- I remember that my folks put our b-day money and other occassional cash gifts into government bonds which doubled in face value after a maturation ...


Retirement Investment Advice

A. asks from Dallas

My husband's job offers the Fidelity Advisor SIMPLE IRA and so I wanted advice from you smart mommas on if this a good way to save for retirement. Thanks, we're new ...


Baptism Gift for God Son

J.E. asks from Boston

Hello moms, I wanted to know if anyone had any original ideas on a gift for a Baptism. I am the god mother and would like to get something other then the usual Sav...


What Are the Options to save Money for Baby's Future?

A.H. asks from Dallas

I would like to invest money for my baby's future. What is the best investment option from your experience? I was looking into buying trust funds, but I am not sure i...


College Savings Plan

C.F. asks from Joplin

I am a mother of 3 children, ages 12,8 and 3. I know that time flies when raising children and my daughter will be off to college before I know it. Does anyone out t...


Christmas for a 1 Yr Old-toys?

G.D. asks from Detroit

My nephew turned 1 this month. He lives in another state so I sent toys to his home. The family is planning on flying here for Christmas. It will be the first time I ...



L.V. asks from New York

In August of 2008 I invested some of my kids money into a 529K plan. I am so upset because between the 2 of them they have lost between $500 and $850 dollars f their ...

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  • long term investment in 4 answers "529's are a long term investment."
  • treasury department in 2 answers "I would buy them from the treasury department."
  • accruing interest in 2 answers "... year mark, you need to cash them in because they are no longer accruing interest."
  • youll need the money in 2 answers "... you take really depends on how old the kids are and when you'll need the money."
  • financial planner in 3 answers "Talk to a financial planner and ask about it."