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Wow! Cable Bundles VS. AT&T Bundles-Which Do You Have and Why Do You like It?

This is an unlimited service which includes calls local/long distance calls, ... We have AT&T internet, phone, and Dish network bundled together. ...

Teanager Talking on Phone Too Long

If you're paying for those phone calls, I'd suggest making her pay for it. .... He also stays up on the internet all night and text messages people. ...

Who's Better, Cox or AT&T for Cable Services?

Our phone with internet is with ATT and is $30, and we have a long distance MCI card to make long distance calls at .03 per minute. ...

Time Warner Cable

We have internet & phone with TWC. We haven't had many problems except the .... the internet was horrible and it took 3 or 4 calls to ever get a technician ...


vonage does not support 911 calls in some areas Make sure your zip code is ... with Comcast for cable internet and phone that ended up being more economical ...

Qwest vs Comcast

We don't have call waiting or those kind of things and use a phone card for the ..... I don't have Qwest's cable, but I do have the internet and phone. ...

Trouble with Time Warner Cable

We have had several service calls. Time Warner keeps telling us our signal .... Looking for CHEAPEST Bundles of Home Phone, Cell Phone, & Internet - Vonage? ...

How Do I Get Husband to Stop Spending Money?

When he notices that the internet is so slow, he will notice, when your phone no longer has caller id or cannot make long distance calls affordably or cell ...

Teen Cell Phone Vs. No Cell Phone

They come in handy for emergency phone calls. I would recommend if you do ... You can choose for him to not have internet on his phone and not have text ...

Phones During Meetings

Oct 4, 2009 ... Phone calls can always be returned later. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? .... 14 Almost 15 Gave Personal Info on Internet Chat Site ...
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  • love time warner cable in 2 answers "I love Time Warner Cable. It doesn't get interrupted by heavy cloud cover which is ..."
  • late night phone calls in 3 answers "Keep the phone out of his room if your concerned with late night phone calls."
  • kids having cell phones in 2 answers "I am so not big on kids having cell phones for recreational use i."
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