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Travel with a One Year Old

International flights aren't cheap (especially the ones that are going to take 27 hours) and the 10% ticket price for my son was quite a hefty fee for a 15 ...

Diaper Changing

I flew on a Continental International flight in August and there were at least three larger (than the normal tiny size) restrooms equipped with changing ...

Car Seat, CARES, or Lap Belt for 2 Yr Old on Long Flight?

Oct 15, 2009 ... We have taken several long international flights with her already and she has been great in my lap, but now that she's 2 we have purchased ...

Overseas Travel with 14 Month Old

Several international flights of 8-10 hours were managed without a car seat. She preferred sleeping on us! I always nursed her to manage ear pressure ...

Traveling with Formula

Related Questions. Bringing Milk, Water and Food on Plain, on International Flights ... First Time Flight for 8 Month Old · 32. More Questions About ...

8 Month Old on the Plane

Hi H., I've flown quite a bit with an infant (our 10 month old has made 2 long haul international flights and one long-haul national flight so far our 3 ...

Extended Air Travel with a 9 Month Old

Both flights we reqeusted the bulkhead and the bassinet that is attached after take off (as far as I know they're only available on international flights). ...

Traveling with 2 Small Children

This may be an option for your son, since many international flights have TV monitors. Oh the TVs also come with headsets, so no one around you is bothered ...

8Hr Flight W/ Pre-loaded Syringes Needing Refrigeration

I'm going on an 8 hour flight and need to take 2 syringes. The company..." ... Bringing Milk, Water and Food on Plain, on International Flights ...

Overseas Travel Advice?

Most international flights are evening/night so I have found that the kids will sleep most of the flight. The best distractor I found was this book, ...
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