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Still Owe $$$ on Car After It Was Totaled in Accident

We did not have gap insurance because carmax does not offer it (or wouldn't on our vehicle) and it was way too expensive through our insurance company. ...

Do You Sale Health Insurance? I Have Questions About Individual/family Policies

Check with your auto or home insurance company to see if they offer health insurance and the various cost and qualifications. Often times if you get one or ...

Need a Better Health Insurance Plan

Because of this high deductible, the insurance company has not had to pay for any of our doctor visits or prescriptions. The only thing they do is process ...

Insurance After an Accident?

So I went through the other insurance company, and they argud with me, saying they weren't responsible because the car wasn't on a policy with them. ...

How was your experience with Jewelry Insurance?

Yes, there is a separate insurance for jewelry and if you are going through a reputable insurance company (we have Farmer's) they will certainly take care ...

What Happens If Someone Hit My Car, but Claims I Hit Him?

Also he will only talk to my insurance company & refuses to return any of his insurance company's calls to him about my claim. I'm just at a loss as to what ...

Is This Illegal Regarding Insurance?

Our insurance company agrees and has already given us a $6000+ check. We are supposed to pay the roofer and our deductible and then the insurance..."

Is It Really Necessary to Get Your Roof Replaced B/c of the Hail Storm?

Before you call your insurance company, you might consider calling a few REPUTABLE ... Don't call your insurance company b/c even if you don't get a roof , ...

Help with Insurance Appeal for Cranial Banding

The insurance company views the cranial..." ... Cranial Technologies talked to the insurance company (I think it was United Healthcare but I'm not ...

Lap Band?

Many many many insurance companies WILL NOT pay for this procedure. I have know a few people that have gotten it paid for because of severe medical ...
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