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Ear Infection in 12 Month Old

If this is the 4th infection in 5 months then the antibiotics are not working. I would go to the health food store and get some natural medicine for her ...

Help, My Son Won't Take His Medicine!

Ben, 2 1/2, is on antibiotics for a possible staph infection on his cheek (again ). I'm having the hardest time getting him to take his medicine. ...

How to deal with an ear infection behind the ear drum while breastfeeding

I have an ear infection with fluid behind the ear drum. ... Now may be a great time to find a practitioner of Chinese medicine in your area and make an ...

How Do You Get Child to Swallow Medicine?

My oldest fought us tooth and nail over medicine. And she had constant ear infections so it seems like she was always taking something. ...

Possible Sinus Infection During Pregnancy

I know that sinus infections are typically treated with antibiotics but there .... sinus medicine · frequent headaches during pregnancy · kidney infection ...

Sinus Infection Won't Go Away!

I am a clinical herbalist and work with LOTS of sinus infections herbally. If you are open to using herbal medicine, there some really good, powerful and ...

Ear Infections, HELP

My question is, how long have your kid(s) ear infections last? What type(s) medicine did you use, or go through? When did they get tubes put in? ...

ANOTHER Ear Infection?!!!

I was not a believer of chiropractic medicine until it got rid of my oldest daughter's recurrent ear infections!!! Be cautious and find a good chiro. ...

Ear Infections

We were just at the doc's today and he has a double ear infection and pneumonia. ... Use a medicine dropper to put the warm oil slowly in that ear, ...

Any Experience with MRSA, (Staph Infection)... or Known as the "Super Bug"

I have a wellness center with chiropractic, acupuncture/ herbal medicine, .... I have been dealing with mild staff infections since I as in middle school. ...
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