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What TV Rules Do Others Have in Regards to Exposing Infants?

Do You Think TV Is Really Bad for Babies/toddlers? ... infants and toddlers · american football · tv show family · television tv · watch tv sit · baby tv ...

Toddlers and Dandruff???

It's a common condition with infants, but older children can get it, too. ... made exclusively for babies and toddlers) contain sodium laurel sulphate, ...

Seeking Recipes for Infants

Seeking Recipes for Infants. Can anyone please provide recipes for infant food? My son is 6 months old and has ..... infants and toddlers · foods recipes ...

Is Wood Flooring Harmful to Baby Feet?

When he took his son to the doctor, his pediatrician told him that wood and tile flooring are bad for infants and toddlers because they are very hard and ...

Fluid in Ears After Ear Infection?

They work with infants and toddlers that get fluid in their ears as well. My 7 month old goes there. She has fluid in her left ear that we are working on ...

17 Month Old Still Not Speaking

There are lots of videos for infants and toddlers that teach them to say words and have fun while learning. PBS Kids Sprout is a great place for children to ...

Recommendation for Flu Shots?

Is it your experience that infants and toddlers are recommended to .... yes infants and toddlers should get a flu shot, as should you and their carer if the ...

Looking for a Mommy and Me Activity

Gymboree (not the store) offers music and art classes, as well as tumbling classes, for infants and toddlers on weekends and evenings. Its not real cheap, ...

Low Muscle Tone Toddler

My name is A. and I also have a toddler with low muscle tone. .... Melissa L added this item : I buy infants the Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel ...

When to Give Toddler a Blanket

When did "they" decide a toddler should not have a blanket? I had quilts and blankets in my children's beds .... when do infants roll over · toddlers feet ...
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  • them in ice cube trays in 2 answers "... or juice-- NOT in syrup!) and puree them then freeze them in ice cube trays ..."
  • most likely cradle cap in 2 answers "It is most likely cradle cap. Rub olive oil on her scalp, wait about 20 minutes and ..."
  • had low muscle tone in 2 answers "... started early intervention services his therapist told us he had low muscle tone."
  • sounds like cradle cap in 2 answers "It sounds like cradle cap. When our daughter had it baby oil did wonders."
  • rub olive oil in 2 answers "The best and cheapest solution for me was to rub olive oil in their hair about 1/2 ..."