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Infant in Pool

I have an 8 week old son and was wandering at what age did you swim with your infant in the pool? I'm not really concerned about him being in the water but ...

Infant Insect Repellant?

Infant Insect Repellant? I am a first time mom with a 7 1/2 month old. ... After returning indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water or bathe. ...

Toddler and Drinking Water

I use to do daycare and I had many kids that wouldn't take water, from infant and up. I guess I have been giving my children water since they were infants, ...

Infant with a Stuffy Nose

Infant with a Stuffy Nose. any suggestions on how to make my 6 week old more ... humidifier, or boiling water, running a hot shower and leaving the door ...

Has Anyone Flown with an Infant Recently?

I haven't flown with an infant since this restrictions have been in place, but I did when my son was that age back in 2002. I had the premeasured water in ...

Anyone Tried Infant Swimming Resource? Infant Swim Lessons

I felt that there was no pressure to submerge my infant in water if I didn't want to. I am way too nervous. I enjoyed because I could swim with him. ...

Seeking Help with Infant Constipation and Formula Suggestions

Good ole water is what I used. I had the same problem and it worked it was ... Have you tried infant massage? My daughter struggled with constipation at ...

Infant Bowel Movements

Next question: Breastfed Infant Is Suffering from Constipation ... bowel movements · infant water · Infant Massage · bowel blockage ...

Infant Swimming

Infant Swimming. I am wondering what age is appropriate to bring my baby ... I would not let them under water at 2 months but dont see any harm with takeing ...

Camping with Infant

Camping with Infant. We are going to attempt camping with our soon to be 5 month old. .... Yes, bring your own water. For the baby, not the cat. ...
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  • skin so soft from avon in 2 answers "Try the skin so soft from avon, not the lotion, the oil."
  • saline nose drops in 3 answers "They also have saline nose drops that can loosen things up too."
  • swim float swim in 2 answers "My son can do the swim float swim fairly well by now."
  • 100 percent juice in 3 answers "Yes, even 100% juice is not healthy."
  • use saline spray in 2 answers "... and leaving the door open to humidify the house - you could use saline spray ..."