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Double Stroller to Fit CHICCO CORTINA Infant Carrier

K.L. asks from Miami

I currently have a 20 mo boy who is very tall and expecting another boy in Aug. I need suggestions for a double stroller. I think I would prefer a front to back. I am...


Baby Sling or Wrap

L.C. asks from Detroit

I'm expecting Baby #2 very soon and I'm thinking about purchasing a sling or wrap. I had a Baby Bjorn with my son and I didn't care for it. He didn't like it eithe...


Travel System or an Infant Carseat W/ Carseat Carrier?

E.G. asks from Houston

I am currently 31wks and still have not bought a carseat for my baby girl on that is on the way. I am torn between choosing a travel system or just buying an infant c...


Seeking Input on Sling

J.R. asks from Grand Rapids

I didn't use a sling with our firstborn, but would like to with our second child. I would like one that is comfortable for both baby and mom, and preferably one I ca...


Sling Baby Carriers

A.S. asks from Chicago

I'm wondering if any of you moms could recommend and/or give me some feedback on sling carriers you've used. We're expecting Baby #2 in the Spring, and I'm thinking a...


Double Stroller, Sling, Minivan...??

K.H. asks from Dallas

I am pregnant with my second little one. This one is due in September, when my first won't be quite 20 months. So...I'm trying to prepare with all the stuff I will ...


Infantino Vs. Ergo Carrier

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms! I have a friend thats interested in getting a carrier. I told her that I've read and heard great things about the Ergo Carrier. She sent me an email to...


Take Stroller or Sling to Airport?

C.H. asks from Dallas

I will be taking my 5 mo. on a plane for the first time and we are going to the carribean. I was trying to decide if i should take a stroller or maybe a light weight ...


Baby Sling Advice

M.S. asks from Stationed Overseas

I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant now and doing tons of research on just about everything that has to do with babies. I want to purchase a sling, but there are so many out th...


Sling for Mom with a Bad Back

R.A. asks from Indianapolis

I have a 5 week old baby girl and am looking for a sling to use with her. I have a bad back and so far the ones I have tried really hurt after a short time. I've tr...

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