infant mucus spit up

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3 Week Old Sleeping on Their Side

This solution really breaks up the mucus. If you would like, you can use a nose sucker ..... If they spit up, it comes out, and not back down their throats. ...

One Year Old Throwing Up

I started my son 6 months on it because he spit up all the time and I didnt want him on so many meds It has help the situation greatly ...

Help for Congested 2 Month Old

... spitting up The doctor told her not to worry She ended up taking her son to ... of dust or mucus may be the cause Another casue may be gastroesophageal ...

Reflux and Gas

My dr at the time said he will grow out of it some newborns have mucus still ... It seemed to help alittle but he was still spitting up after eating and had ...

3 Mo Old Can't Breath Through Nose at Night.

Read all 22 responses: "My three month old son has been stuffed up since birth. ... By Car · Infant Travel Advice · Pregnancy and Travel · Traveling by Car .... from infections due to lack of proper draining of natural mucus flow (yuck). ... He still spits up after most breastfeedings, and can't drink more than ...

Seeking Advice About a Infant with Pneumonia

When you call in your doctor will want to know your baby's temperature, what kind of discharge if any is coming from eyes, nose, mouth (with coughs/spit up) ...

I'm a New Mom Who Is Nursing and Concerned About Gugling Noises and Spit Up

The mucous in their tummies makes it look like a lot more than it really is. ... My daughter had projectile spit up when she was an infant. ...

Two Year Old Frequent Vomiting with No Fever

The doctors weren't concerned either with his case as an infant. .... when he started taking an antihistimene like Benedryl and avoided mucus inducing foods. ... But normally it is more of a heavy spit up rather than forceful vomiting. ...

Tubes in the Ears????

Its not healthy for fluid to be built up in the ears so yes let them do itshe ... it seemed to increase the mucus fluid that they could not cough or spit up ...

Babies with Acid Reflux?

My first daughter spit up, but not so much. turns out I asked the pediatrician and everything was fine. ..... Cure for Excessive Spit-up in Infant ...
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