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Sharing Breast Pump

Read all 62 responses: "Hi, I have a Medela Pump In Style which I would love to lend to my pregnant cousin, ... industrial pumps · pump manufacturers ...

Good Breast Pump

I purchased a Medela Pump in Style from Memorial Hospital's medical supply store . It's a great pump and it works just like the industrial strength ones used ...

Pumping for a Preemie in NICU

However she's trying to pump breast milk for..." ... the regular pumps were inefficient and prone to breaking if I wasn't using the "industrial version". ...

What to Do with Used Breastpump?

I have the Medela Pump in Style. I used it slightly less than 1 year and was ... (I rented one the couple of times I needed one, but they were industrial ...

Battery Operated Pump?

H.D. asks from Barnstable

I have to go away for a few days and will not be able to use my elecric pump throughout the day. Does anyone know of a good battery operated pump or manual pump that...


Need Tubing for Medela Pump in Style Pump

Y.B. asks from Los Angeles

I live in Long Beach near the traffic circle. Does any one know of somewhere close by where I can buy tubing for my Medela pump? I checked Target and Babies R Us - ...


A Good Breast Pump ?

did you know you can rent pumps from hospitals they are the industrial strength pumps for less money. Some hospitals charge per month others for a longer ...

Seeking a Reccomendation on a Breast Pump

I borrowed the pump in style from the hospital and it was a good pump but way more industrial then I needed. The Swing worked great. I pump everyday 3 times ...


A.G. asks from Omaha

I am expecting twins in Feb. I was wanting to get a breastpump, just not sure what kind or to much about them. I used a manuel one with my daughter. I want something ...


Picking a Pump

J.T. asks from Salt Lake City

I am currently pregnant with number two and i really want to try and breastfeed for longer then a week, like with my daughter. Due to my c-section and she was in the ...

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