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Music Cd's

D.L. asks from Chicago

Any suggestions for children's music CD's. Inexpensive prices are preferred. Also, where have you purchased this CD? My son LOVES to dance around when listenin...


Music with Mar

K.W. asks from Tampa

Hello, Does anyone know where you can find music with mar class in Safety Harbor/Clearwater area? I tried to google it,but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info out...


Need a List of Kid Appropriate - Upbeat Music (Any Era or Genre)

J.F. asks from Bloomington

I work with kids of all ages and we are trying to put together a list of music we can eventually get for the kids. Looking for music from any genre or era that is ...


Unique Girls Names . . .

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hey there girls, well this request is not as important and many of the other ladies but important to me none-the-less. I just had my 5 month ultrasound and found out...


Need Great Songs for My MP3 to Workout To!!!

S.S. asks from Indianapolis

I am getting ready to start an intense workout program and really want to have a great hour of motivating upbeat music to listen to. I am so out of tune with music t...


Husband Having Trouble Accepting New Son...

M.M. asks from Lake Charles

I want to start by saying I'm married to the most amazing man ever. I haven't always been the best partner and instead of running he's committed to changing whatever ...


Baby Shower Hostess Does Nothing but Send an Evite, Is It Still a Shower?

S.Q. asks from San Francisco

Awkward question but I am curious what everyone thinks. I am due with my second baby in a couple months. My friend offered to throw me a shower and while I was concer...


I'm So Tired...

D.S. asks from Seattle

Hi Ladies, I am always so tired! No matter what I do, how much sleep I get. I've tried vitamins, eating healthier, reading, listening to soft/relaxing/nature music, ...


My Teen Daughter Not Doing Well in School

L.M. asks from Chicago

Hi I am from Chennai, India. I have a teen daughter. She is now in 8th grade in school. For the past three years, she is only getting warning pass. All her teache...

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