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Looking for Pediatrician Okay with Not Doing Immunizations Right Away

Read all 13 responses: "Does anyone know of a good pediatrician in Dallas that is open to the idea of not starting immunizations immediately following birth ...

What to Do to Avoid Reactions to Immunizations...

Read all 17 responses: "My daughter is going for her 8 week shots this Wednesday and I'm very nervous about the potential side affects, even including a ...

Selective Immunization or None at All

Read all 24 responses: "After reading a lot of conflicting reports and data on the necessity of immunizations and the side effects of the vaccination vs the ...

Looking for a Good Doctor in Garland, Plano or Richardson

Not sure about immunizations, but I LOVE Steven Crow in Richardson at Floyd ... I'm not sure he would support not immunizing your child at all, but I do ...

Immunization Concerns

Ok My son is 3 12 months old At his 2 month checkup he received 5 seperate immunization shots Other Moms I know who have same aged babies said that their ...

Does Anyone Know Anyone Who's Child Contracted Pertussis? (Whooping Cough)

Read all 14 responses: "I've heard that the immunizations for Pertussis aren't as effective as they used to be, and that a child can still contract ...

Advice Needed on Alternative Immunization Schedule

Read all 22 responses: "Hi moms, I am having a lot of trouble deciding what to do about my daughters immunizations. She reacted quite severely to her first ...

Immunization Side Effects

Read all 34 responses: "I was just wondering what side effects other children have had from immunizations. My son just got his 4 month shots yesterday.

Infant 2 Month Immunization Appointment

Read all 72 responses: "Friday morning I will be taking my infant for his 2 month check-up. At that time he is to receive about 4 immunizations.

Seeking an Alternative Vaccine MD

My first son was partially immunized, because I was still learning about it. My second son was not immunized at all, but he's 23 now and will get one or two ...
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