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ESWL Treatment for Kidney Stone

First off, I do know that you can alternante Motrin (Ibuprofen) and ... Ibuprofen can be a little hard on the stomach sometimes but unlike the liver, ...

Can Dogs Suffer from Allergies?

Do NOT give a dog ibuprofen (spelling?) either. It is a poison for dogs. We found out the hard way -- he was taking aspirin for aches and pains. ...

Help with Baby Crying All Night

I feed her a little and give ibuprofen.... little ones cant tell you when they hurt... ibuprofen is not just for fevers.... usually, a 4oz bottle, ...

My 6Yr. Old Has Major Neck Pain!!!

I massaged it, gave him some ibuprofen, applied a heat pack and he said it was better but he was still in a considerable amount of pain. ...


We always used Ibuprofen before bedtime, because it lasts longer than Tylenol. ... Tylenol works on pain but ibuprofen reduces inflamation and works on pain ...

12 Month Old Getting Molars?!

We tried everything: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Hyland's tablets and gel, orajel, ... Motrin/Advil/ibuprofen works best and longest, so try to time it so the dose ...

Alternative to Infant Tylenol?

Jan 6, 2010 ... Ibuprofen is also laced with additives. Helpful? .... There is also infant motrin/ibuprofen which is pretty much interchangable. Helpful? ...

2 Month Old Check up and Shots

I think once the child is past 6 months you can give them Ibuprofen, .... I don' t think you are supposed to give them ibuprofen until they are six months. ...

6-Yr-old Girl with Headaches

If you ignore it, it will get too far gone and the ibuprofen will not work. ... Our pediatrician recommended the ibuprofen over acetominophen because the ...

Maybe You Can Help Figure Out What Doctors Cant

I am on the depo shots been on it since my son was born and they gave me ibuprofen to take 3 times a day to help if anythings swelled. ...
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