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G.M. asks from Boston

Hi all. My 5 mos old DD has horrible eczema. We have tried Aquaphor, Cetaphil, Hydrolatum, Aveeno - nothing works. The ONLY thing that works is hydrocortisone cream, ...



C.B. asks from Omaha

does anyone have any ideas on helping an infant with eczema? poor thing has tons of dry itchy patches all over his back...arms...and legs...i have used hydrocortizone...



M.G. asks from Sacramento

What can i do to relieve my 4 month olds eczema? My older son had issues but it was spotty and eucurin daily worked. I apply eucurin to my 4 month old 5 times a day...



J.R. asks from Providence

My daughter was diagnosed with infant eczema. I have a few questions about this: Anyone who's dealt with this... 1) What are the best products to use on infants wit...


How to handle eczema on infant?

S.R. asks from Boston

My baby was diagnosed with Eczema when she was 3 months.She is now 4 1/2 months.We are using hydrolatum on her body which gives her relief but my concern is I end up ...


Eczema Advice

J.H. asks from Boston

My 1-year-old has terrible eczema all over his torso and feet, and it seems to be getting much worse in this hot, sticky weather. He's been waking up screaming at nig...


Eczema Advice

J.F. asks from Boston

My 9 month old has had eczema for several months. It is only on his cheeks, but sometimes looks like little white or blackheads. He is breastfed, so at his last doc a...


Eczema Help?

L.S. asks from Indianapolis

I have a 4 month old experiencing problems with eczema on his head, arms and back. The doctor has not prescribed anything other than over the counter remedies. Aqua...



L.S. asks from New London

What is your cure (if you have one) for itching-rash inflamed skin caused by eczema or dermatitis for adults? I would so appreciate any and all of your solutions or a...


What Do You Use to Treat Your Child's Eczema?

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter (4) was given a prescription, but she refuses to let me apply it because she says it hurts. We have been using a Baby Eczema bubble bath that seems t...

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