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"It's the Mommy's Job"

D.A. asks from San Diego

So I have heard this countless times from my husband. Some days are just not so good with him. On his days off he feels that he should get time to do whatever he want...


Increased Travel for Job

W.G. asks from Los Angeles

My employer recently "told" our team that we will be required to facilitate meetings in two different states for periods of 2 - 3 weeks over the next 5 months. This w...


My Job Has Turned into Being a Nanny....Huh????

M.R. asks from Boca Raton

What would you moms do if you were 41 and have two teenage daughters, ages 16 and 13, but also have a youngest brother that is 30 who has a 5 month old daughter that ...


Losing Job

N.Z. asks from Chicago

Good morning moms... I am really nervous right now. Somethings happened right before I had my daughter at work. I ended up filing a pregnancy discrimiation case ...


Would You Sign It?

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

I must make this a short version of long and complicated story. I work on a very busy cardiac unit where our job is chaotic and you have to be on your toes at all...


Discrimination Against Mothers, and a Question About My Daughter Throwing Up ...

N.D. asks from Cincinnati

First, I want to ask if anyone knows anything about the flea and tick medicine for cats, and if it could make a child throw up. If so, how serious is it, and should I...


Transitioning from Working Full Time to Staying at Home.

H.S. asks from Seattle

In August, when our second child is born, I will be transitioning from working full time to staying at home full time. I am scared to death! I am especially worried...


Help for a Friend (Re Public Assistance)

M.O. asks from New York

Dear mamas, An old friend of mine has terminal cancer. The doctors have advised him that he has another two months, give or take. But this post is actually on beha...


Where Can I Advertise for Help Wanted?

D.B. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! I have been searching for a full-time teacher helper for my Licensed home based child care for 2 months now and I am getting so frustrated!! I have advertis...


When Do You Tell a Prospective Employer That You Are Pregnant?

S.G. asks from Chicago

I am 12 weeks pregnant, have my 2nd interview for a possible new job this afternoon. Do I tell them in this interview, or wait until I get an offer? I don't want to...

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