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How Much Maternity Leave for an Adoption?

It would be a great opportunity to write and visit with your human resources department and explain why it is important to have paid leave for an adopted ...

Gentle Sleep Training Suggestions

Also, is a wonderful resource for advice about sleep issues ..... Gentle Ways · human resources training · human resource training ...

Financial Assistance

You're in NE so I'm not at all familiar with the resources out there but I know that you can dial 211 .... human resources department · emergency department ...

Will Returning to Work Cause Depression or Phys. Probs. W/ My Son?

I left my corporate retail Human Resources position 3 years ago (60+ hrs/wk). I guess I really did things the opposite of most SAHMs, as I continued working ...

Help I Need Advice

Step 3 Find a good lawyermost will offer a 1 hr free consultation and .... bullet Human Resources Council P.O. Box 684 San Andreas CA 95249 Business ...

Help in Paying for College for My Daughter..

Ask your Human Resources at your work and ex-husbands work (if he wants to help) if they provide scholarships for employees children, sometime they will ...

Am I Crazy to Even Think of Leaving of Leaving My Company?

My background is Human Resources and Health and Safety and a whole lot of ... Because I work in the office (less hours now) we dont have to hire an HR ...

Mom Seeking Advice After Seperation

... resourceful You can call 211 to find resources You can get discounts on .... dont have employment seek help from the govt or human resources At least ...


I believe your employer will take care of the taxed for you. check with your human resources dept and they should be able to give you the answer. if you are ...

Single Mom of 5

There is also an organization called East Fort Bend Human Needs Minintry. ... resources, self-confidence, and abilities to provide for themselves and their ...
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  • community property state in 4 answers "... Like a few others have said, in CA it's a community property state ..."
  • no cry sleep solution in 2 answers "... Elizabeth Pantley has a wonderful book called "The No-Cry sleep solution ..."
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