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Sesame Street Birthday Party Games

Stringing cereal on yarn for necklaces is fun for yung kids and they love .... you won't have time to think about taking pictures until the party is over. ...

Fun Baby Shower Games for a Large Group

Pass a skein of yarn around and have everyone cut a length of yarn that they ... My sisters and I have thrown many showers over the years and tried to get ...

Ideas for Party Favors at Baby's First Bday??

... get some little pieces of magnet, and a ball of yarn, either tape, or glue. .... Have a fried come over and takes lots of pictures and mail them to your ...

Moving Overseas

My 2-yo daughter loves books and her favorite snacks (goldfish crackers, cheerios, chex, grapes, & strawberries) when we travel. I also pack her some water ...

Need Ideas for Cheap Arts and Crafts for a Short Attention Span 2 1/2 Yr Old.

A 2 1/2 yo probably has the motor skills needed for most of this stuff, if not the attention span. Look for cheap supplies because the really young kids ...

When Can You Give a Baby a Blanket in Their Crib at Night?

Or you can get a thick sleeper sag, you would put this on over your baby's pj's ... was a baby afghan blanket – a crochet blanket made from real light yarn. ...

Cheerleading Camp Gift Idea

Yarn would be cut into small strips and glued on at hands for pom poms and felt ..... I was over there getting teacher's gifts, and saw darling water bottle ...

Craft Idea for Slumber Party

Use some sort of ribbon or decorative yarn in the belt loops and whalah .... Next question: Seeking Ideas for 8 Year Old Sleep over Birthday Party ...

Kids Games for a Family Reunion

One that is popular with our kids: you get a few balls of yarn (same size .... pass it over their heads (the fun part) and fill the back bucket with water. ...

A Crib Rail Guard That Works for a Lifetime Crib!!

... blankets I folded them to the width of the rail I used yarn and very, very, ... That should fit over the rail. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...
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