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To Wean or Not to Wean (To Get Pregnant)

Read all 5 responses: "I will be 41 in a couple of weeks and am planning on trying to get pregnant again in May/June. I am still nursing my 19 month old ...

In What Order Do I Wean?

Read all 8 responses: "My son is 9 months old. I nurse him and he sleeps with me part of the night. I'm just wondering in what order is best to wean him.

Weaning off the Swaddle

Read all 13 responses: "My 7.5-month-old son does reasonably well with his sleeping, but he's still dependent on being swaddled in order to fall asleep and ...

Want to Wean 9Mo Old from Breast to Bottle.

Read all 4 responses: "Need to wean 9 1/2mo old from breast to bottle but dont know how!! I dont have a mother around or any other family or friends to give ...

"I DON'T WANT TO WEAN" Cries Baby and MOMMY!!

Read all 20 responses: "The day is here, my baby boy is 11 mos, now, and he only really nurses before naps and nighttime. It's more for comfort, ...

Wean from Nighttime Bottle

I have a 9 month old daughter who recently had her 9 month checkup The doctor informed me that I need to wean her from her nighttime bottle Currently my ...

Help and Support Weaning Cold Turkey

Read all 38 responses: "So, I now need to wean my son cold turkey. Any advice for how to get my son through this, not to mention get ME through this?

Help!! I Need to Wean Him Now!

Read all 5 responses: "I am posting again since nothing has worked. My 10-month old son does NOT want to wean. I have tried bottles, sippy cups, ...

How Do I Wean My 13-Month-old of a Naptime and Nighttime Bottle?

Aug 26, 2009 ... Read all 15 responses: "I know that milk at this age is not good to have because it can cause teeth problems if given right before sleep, ...

How to Begin Weening Process??

Oct 5, 2009 ... My goal was to breastfeed my daughter til she was one Weaning was .... Actually when she goes to childcare she might wean herself during the ...
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