how to unclog a nostril

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Advice on How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose

J.B. asks from Fayetteville

My 3 month old is pretty congested. I've been putting saline drops in her nose and giving her Triaminic thin strips decongestant. Is there anything else I can do so s...


Stuffy Nose

A.G. asks from Dallas

I read somewhere to put breastmilk in your child's nose if it is stuffy. Has anyone else heard this? If so have you done this and how? I have a 3 month old who is on...


Rhinitis of Pregnancy

B.L. asks from San Francisco

Help! I'm super congested and it's hit it's peak over new years weekend. Ever since I got pregnant, i've noticed that my nose is either super dry, or very runny and n...


Son Has a Very Congested Nose - How Can I Clear It Out?

L.S. asks from Sacramento

I have a 5-1/2 month old son who's as healthy as can be, but these past few days he's been nasally congested. I've tried over and over again to clear his nose out wit...


One Year Old with a Cold

A.S. asks from San Francisco

HI ladies, I was wondering what you all do for your little ones when they have a cold. He is really stuffy and is having a hard time taking his bottles. We are givin...


Baby Suffering with Reflux

C.C. asks from Norfolk

Hi! Is anyone else out there dealing with a new baby and reflux? My little boy is almost 2 months old and is really suffering with reflux. He was perscribed zantac...


Toddler with Cough

H.J. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 19 month old that has a bad cough.. the doctor said we just need to let it work it way out.. she was up over 2 hours last night coughing. I already have a hu...


5 Months Pregnant and Sick with a Cold for 3 Weeks...

T.G. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any suggestions? I started off with a cold in my chest, bad cough. It has now moved to my nose and head and I can't breathe! I am a teacher so it is hard ...


PLEASE HELP: 4 Month Old Problem:(

B.E. asks from Austin

My 4 month old daughter is always congested, and as of right now she has one runny, gunky eye. I rubbed "Vicks Baby Rub" on her and bathed her in Vapor Bath, but she ...

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  • vicks vapo rub in 2 answers "... tale that helps with bothe the congestion and a cough is to put Vick's Vapo-rub ..."
  • vicks vapor rub in 3 answers "I also would open up a canister of Vicks vapor rub and would pass it under her face ..."
  • clogged tear duct in 3 answers "He said it was a clogged tear duct (also common among infants but with treatment it ..."
  • bulb syringe to suck in 2 answers "... a drop or two in each nostril, wait 10 minutes then use the bulb syringe to suck ..."
  • ocean nasal spray in 2 answers "Get a saline spray like "Ocean Nasal Spray". he'll hate it but it will help get stuff ..."