how to switch from breast milk to whole milk

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Whole Milk

I would stick with whole milk until you see how much she likes milk. My son is a milk-aholic and we were able to switch to 2% around 18 months or so but my ...

Skim Milk Vs. Whole Milk

That is why breast milk is so high in fat. I would not go below a 2% milk fat level for a baby/toddler, ..... When to Switch from Whole Milk for 2 Year Old ...

Whole Milk Before a Year Old?!?!?!? ** More Info--changes Made**

I agree with the other poster, you really shouldn't move him to whole milk only. If you want to wean him from breast feeding then I would switch him to ...

Whole Milk + Constipation

Can whole milk cause this? Should I switch to soy milk? .... The same thing happened when I switched my youngest to whole milk from breast milk. ...

How to Get 1 Year Old to Drink Whole Milk

Mixing the breast milk and whole milk is a good start. However, when it comes time to stop the .... Next question: Making the Switch from Formula to Milk ...

Transitioning from Breastfeeding to Whole Milk

I slowly transitioned my daughter from breast milk to whole milk a little at a time.I would put both breast milk ... Making the Switch from Formula to Milk ...

Starting Child on Whole Milk

I'm pretty sure at least half of moms out there switch to cow's milk a ... Before we had formula mothers who weren't able to breast feed used canned milk! ...

Help with Switching from Formula to Milk

My third son was on soy milk, and when it was time to switch over to whole milk I mixed the whole milk and the soy milk half and half for a week or so and ...

Question About Whole Milk

They still need all the nutrients that breast milk or formula gives them ... I have 4 kids and I started giving my kids whole milk before the age of one. ...

Trying to Move Baby to Cow's Milk

I called the dr. and they had me switch to an artificial milk or a soy milk. .... Hi,I had the same problem, mix breast milk and whole milk together. ...
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