how to remove pen marks from wall

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Cleaning Pen Ink off Walls

He took a ball point pen to our wall and hairspray got it out perfectly. ... I use it to remove ink from wood furniture and my leather purses, ...

Markers, Ink and Sometime Coloring Crayon Removal

It will remove crayola, pencil, marker, scuff marks from the walls and ... to remove grime on dishes, and to remove pen and crayon on sofas, walls, etc. ...

Is There a Trick to Remove Sharpie Stains?

That is how I get rid of pen stains. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. D.K. answers from Dallas on ...

Cleaning Walls

C., as a gr mom (Nana) of 5, i use a weak solution of simple green to remove crayon, pencil marks from our walls. I do have some crayon drawings I am saving ...

Hand Prints on the Wall?

And just to let you know, the magic eraser also will remover pen, crayon, food, grine from walls ... remove pen from wall · how to get crayon off the wall ...

Sharpie on Leather Sofa

I've used this to take regular pen off of leather seats... if anything will .... IF the back is up against a wall you might test it there to make sure it won't ... Fingernail polish remover works to remove black marks from white patent ...

Ink off Leather Furniture

D. we used hairspray on all fabrics including leather to remove ink. ... use lotion and a fabric softener sheet... works to get off the wall I would assume the ... Next question: Pen Marks on the Couch ... Ideas on Removing Pen Marks ...

How to Remove Crayon from Leather Car Interior

Read all 16 responses: "I would appreciate any ideas on how to remove crayon from the leather ... It works on a lot stains, scuff marks on floors from shoes. ... I removed blue crayon from a beige wall! My mother, sister and I use them all of the time, it's worth it! ... How to Get Ballpoint Pen off of Vinyl? ...

Removing Ball Point Pen

Read all 8 responses: "Hi Ladies, Anyone know how to get ball-point pen off a computer screen ... I googled "How to remove Ball Point from walls?" Good Luck ...

Help! Horrible Dirty Walls!!! :-)

Try WD-40 (I've heard it helps remove the crayon)...good luck! ..... I have had luck with removing crayon marks from walls with rubbing alcohol just put ... I live in a little piggy pen with my 6, 5 and 3 year old, who is the worst! ...
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