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When I quit smoking I would tell her whenever she smelled and she was very self- conscious of it. She would immediatley wash her hands and change her shirt. ...

Has Anyone Used Hypnotherapy?

Read all 5 responses: "Hello, Just wondering if anyone has used hypnotherapy and how it worked for you? I quit smoking, then relapsed and I'm smoking again.

Seeking Suggestions - Found Out My Pre-teen Is Experimenting with Smoking

(1) No smoking, because you'll never be able to quit (2) No permanent damage (if you think about it this covers lots of topics from tatoos to unplanned ...

Quiting Smoking While Pregnant

The American Cancer Society has programs for quitting smoking. ... So I told the Dr that I was not able to quit smoking on my own, and he agreed with me ...

Help to Stop Smoking

I really really need some advice on how to quit smoking. I have 2 kids and quit both times I was pregnant and waited to start up until after breast- feeding ...

Stop Smoking

I'm glad your sister is finally quitting smoking. The benefits are outstanding. Anyway, a sure way is hypnosis. My husband is a hypnotherapist and he has ...

Dealing with Smoking of a 17 Year Old

My uncle just past away from Lung cancer and sad to say He Quit smoking about .... I'm a 36-year-old who's been smoking since 13. I have tried to quit many ...

Smoking While Pregnant

I have been pregnant twice before and I quit smoking the day I found out but this ... Smoking as you know is so bad for you child, my advise is to quit, ...

HELP ME Seeking Advice for Pregnant Me Tryn to Quit SMOKIN CIGS

I smoked for 15 years and tried to quit a million times but finally i read a book by Allen Carr - on How to quit smoking and i have done it - i have not ...

Nasty Habit

It's so frustrating that there are all sorts of programs and websites to help people quit smoking, but rarely is anything ever mentioned about dipping. ...
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  • quit cold turkey in 5 answers "I finally quit COLD TURKEY over 15-20 years ago."
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