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How to Be a Good Maid of Honor?

I saw one family set up a quilt frame and each guest was able to do a bit on the quilt that was being presented to the couple and the young bride was so ...

Ideas for What to Do with Silk Homecoming Mums

You could find someone who makes quilts and have them sew them into a quilt or a few pillows. I think they would be cute with the charms on there too. ...

Seeking Gift Ideas for Friend Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

One of the ladies in our church choir, was given a prayer quilt and she ... So it doesn't have to be a prayer quilt, but a lap size quilt, might be nice. ...

Ideas for What to Do with Swim Ribbons

Could you have someone make a quilt out of them? Like attach each ribbon to a quilt square and sew the squares together? Helpful? ...

4 Year Old Breastmilk Stain Removal?

I have saved all his infant clothes wanting to make a quilt with them. I had washed everything before putting it all into boxes as well. ...

Anyone Know How to Get Yellow Stains Out of Baby Clothes?

I have a crib set (bumper, quilt, etc) that was very expensive that I was hoping to sell at a consignment sale, but I'd like for it to look more brand-new. ...

What Do You Do with the Comforter That Comes with Your Baby's Crib Bedding Set?

I hung my son's comforter on the wall using a quilt hanger. ... I hung my quilt/ comforter on a wall from a rod with decorative clips. ...

Good Beginner Sewing Machine

Nov 22, 2009 ... My girls started a flipflop quilt (which is not finished, lol). Helpful? ... Next question: Buying Sewing / Quilting Machine ...

Going Crazy! Don't No How to Handle My 3 Year Old Daughter!

Something a counselor taught my sister, since my nephew tended to have pretty aggressive behavior: try rocking her with a beloved blanket/quilt wrapped ...

Looking for Suggestions on Things to Do for and How to Help My Mom Thru Chemo

The ladies all got together and made her a love quilt. That way when she was alone or cold or just needed a hug she could pull it close to her. ...
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  • hung the comforter on the wall in 3 answers "With my first child I hung the comforter on the wall with the wall hangers for quilts ..."
  • brother sewing machine in 3 answers "I have a Brother sewing machine. I bought it at Wal-Mart for a little under $100."
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