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Diaper Leakage Problem on 18 Month Old

Begin to potty train him he is a big boy now. Put him in an overnight diaper/ pull up for trips away from home like when you take him to the store to buy him ...

The Potty

I have 2 children and they are about 5 years apart I think i forgot how to potty train Not to mention my first kids is a girl and my second baby is a boy ...

Yet Another Potty Training Question

Sep 17, 2009 ... The best way to potty train is just to not bring it up. Leave the potty out in the room (if you have a little one) and just forget it. ...

Potty Training #2

Oct 24, 2009 ... I am also tryingto potty train my 2 year old daughter. What I found that has been working is- I know she usually poops after she eats so ...

Potty Training My 3 Year Old

May 26, 2009 ... We spent the day following the directions in the "Potty train your child..." ... Everyone seems in such a hurry to potty train their kids, ...

1 Year Old Who Now Hates Diaper Changing Time

Potty train her! If she doesn't want diapers changed I would start the potty training process. Both my kids were done well before 2. ...

Potty Training My Boy!!

To potty train my boy, we bought a gumball machine and set it on the counter next to the potty. It worked! If he had to go, we sat him on his potty chair ...

Best Potty Chair and Training Advice for Boys

Boys can take a while to potty train... first, let him accompany Daddy on ... It was the best potty chair we bought. I would try to train him sitting down ...

My 2 and a Half Year Old Has No Interest in Potty Training

We first tried to potty train my son at 2 and he did it for a while and was then .... When i was having trouble getting my 2 year old to potty train, ...

At Wits End with Potty Training 3 Year Old Daughter!!!

I've said this before who ever said a 2yo is supposed to potty train was absolutely stupid. I know few kids who actually did it at 2. ...
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