how to play the flute

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Where to Get a Good Flute for Cheap??

P.H. asks from Dallas

My daughter is starting the flute next fall and we've been told she MUST have a Yamaha YFL 281 or a Yamaha YFL 361H. I looked online and these things are $1000!!! We'...


Deep Cleaning a Clarinet and a Flute

N.B. asks from Oklahoma City

ETA After talking to several music stores that do repair work I've decided to trash the clarinet and get the flute cleaned. One place said around $250 because they...


How to Learn to Play Guitar on My Own

N.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I have wanted to learn to play an instrument for as long as I can remember. We got a guitar as a gift a little while ago, and now that I have the time (b...


JFF - Do You Play a Musical Instrument?

M.R. asks from Phoenix

If so, what instrument do you play? What type of music do you play the most? How often do you still practice and for how long? Do you play when the kids have gone t...


My Daughter Wants to Play an Instrument?

A.M. asks from Lansing

Hello lady's ok here is my issue my kindergartner wants to play an instrument, I am ok with that but what should I pick for her we don't have room for a piano and I w...


Has Anyone Taught Their Own Child to Play an Instrument?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I used to play the trumpet. I was really, really good (not 'tooting my own horn' [pun intended], but I was great!)... I just dug my trumpet out of the closet, and pla...


Does Your Child Play an Instrument? What Are the Long-term Benefits?

J.J. asks from Buffalo

My dd has played the violin going on 3 years. She may be starting to lose interest, so I'm not going to push it. I just wonder about the long term benefits (if any)...


Advice on Wisdom Teeth Removal and Playing Instruments

M.C. asks from Des Moines

My oldest daughter needs to have her wisdom teeth removed. We have heard from many in the medical field that she will be "out of activities" for three days and then ...


Second Instrument for a 5 Year Old

N.R. asks from New York

My whole family is musical. My oldest daughter plays the flute and piano. My twin daughters are 5 years old now. One of them plays the violin with a teacher and with ...


First Time Instrument

K.J. asks from Los Angeles

My 9 year old son came home from school and announced that he wants to participate in orchestra. He's interested in the Saxophone because both of his cousins played ...

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