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Sun Rash ??

Yes it is a reaction to something form a plant to the sun. The sun is a rear but uncomfortable .... It also, could be caused by little bugs in the grass. ...

Has Anyone Used a Bio Band for Nausea?

If you can find the herb/plant, Lemon Grass it helped me by sniffing it when I was queasy. A good diet and pre-natal vitamins of course help too. ...

How Can I Help My Friend Dealing with Cancer?

We bought lays, and grass skirts, and pictures and straw hats, and the group of us took her mind to Hawaii, .... plant grass · cancer treatment centers ...

Landscape Company Recommendations

We cant seem to grow grass along the side of our house and I was wondering if anyone also had this problem and how they solved it; whether it be with stones ...

Gift for Wonderful Friends/neighbors

We bought a fixer upper house and they've helped us put up a fence, plant grass, and over the weekend, they helped put together kitchen cabinets. ...

Anyone Have a Child with Lead Exposure?

If testing turns up lead in the soil around your house, you'll want to plant grass or shrubs to prevent children from playing there. ...

Help! Squirrels Eating My Plants in Flower Bed and Pots.

Second next spring you can plant a bush called wormwood that will will repell them away from ... Surprisingly, they are also eating our st. augustine grass. ...

Compost... Filling in a Old Pond

I bet you could start with grass clippings? even ask neighbors for theirs? not sure but this .... filling in a pond · landscaping plant · landscaping grass ...

Stray Cats Taking over Backyard

You can plant lemon balm or lemon grass and place the pots around your garden or plant them directly in your garden. The strong lemon aroma usually keeps ...

Advice on Keeping Birds Away from Pool

That is what all our neighbors do when they plant new grass and don't want the birds to eat it all. You can use Xmas tinsel or something like that and tie ...
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