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Childcare Plan for Child Birth?

C.P. asks from San Francisco

I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my third child. I have two other kids. 5 and 3 year old sweet little girls. Today is the first time I am literally loosing sleep about the ...


Weekly Meal Plan Ideas

M.L. asks from Houston

Does anyone have one? It doesn't have to be fancy or set in stone, but like a basic, Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Wednesday type thing? I am desperate for direction wit...


Birthing Plan Suggestions

G.D. asks from New London

I'm trying to gather info about birthing plans. I know of things that others have done. Some of them blew me away as I never thought of them or thought possible. I al...


I'm Hatching a Plan and Need Ideas.

S.M. asks from Kansas City

We have a reoccuring problem in my house of family members over eating on expensive foods that are not meant to be ate mindlessly. Between the daycare and the family...


Which CHIPS Plan?

M.H. asks from Dallas

Maddie is now in CHIPS instead of medicaid (thank god), but they sent me a packet and i have 3 different plans to choose from. They are Amerigroup, Atena, and the Coo...


What Is Your Workout Plan?

C. asks from Cleveland

Hello Ladies, I am once again trying to loose some weight. I carry about an extra 50 pounds, some from before my boys and some from the prengancies. My youngest is...


ortunateHow Do You Plan This?

G.S. asks from New York

On Saturday, I took my son to a birth'd party at a small rented hall. There was plenty of food, drinks etc. There were lot's of balloons too. When the kids came, they...


What Are You Moms ( Stay at Home Especially) Doing for a Savings Plan?

S.S. asks from Seattle

Hi moms, I wanted to look into savings plan for the future and I am a stay at home mom. I know of 401k plans , when I use to work. What are some options now for sav...


Dental Insurance-Discount Plan

D.H. asks from Dallas

We've always had dental insurance with my DH work but now he's changed jobs and it's not covered. Is an individual plan worth it or a discount plan? My kids are going...


Prepaid Funeral Plan for Someone Who Is Terminally Ill

M.C. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know if it is cheaper to purchase a prepaid funeral plan or just pay for the funeral when that person passes away?

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