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Planning a Disney World Trip for May - Any Advice or Great Deals/websites?

I would recommend doing the food plan, our whole trip was prepaid so the only money will be souveniers, tips, and extras :). Helpful? ...

Looking for Affordable Mobile Phone Plan

We can't afford an expensive plan like Verizon or Sprint, but I want..." ... I believe that as long as the phone is charged, it will connect to 911. ...

HSP Health Savings Plan

Has anyone any experience with one of the Health savings plan or medical savings plan insurances with Blue corss/Blue shields or other? I am 49, will not ...

How long does it take to conceive a second child?

Tell yourself you are fine with what you have and you will just go about life like this. Plan some mini family vacations and get your mind off of it. ...

Affordable Health Insurance

The BCBS plan if for a maximum of 6 months and the Assurant plan will last a maximum of 12 months. If you need somthing longer than that, BCBS has some ...

Parenting Plan Advice

Keep in mind that you will probably have to adjust the paerenting plan once your son starts schol and gets older.---The way we do christmas is pretty fair. ...

Homemade Gourmet or Dip It Up

If you want more info please call and I will talk to you about my experiences. ... get started and if you follow that plan you will succeed and make money. ...

Questions About Playdates

Also, I would plan a snack. Something healthy and lite since it will be a let afternoon play date. As far as your son is concerned, I would let him play ...

Seeking Advice on What to Bring for a Scrapbook Weekend Away

If you don't plan ahead you will want to take everything and you just know you can't take it all! My friend got so involved in getting her scrapbook things ...

Health Insurance Question

The best advice I can give you is to contact the BCBS plan that will cover you with your new employer to find out what their pre-existing condition policies ...
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  • who did homemade gourmet in 2 answers "Hi A., I know someone who did Homemade Gourmet and she quit it after trying really ..."
  • walt disney world in 2 answers "... I also highly recommend getting the Passporter guide to Walt Disney World."
  • health savings account in 2 answers "... my whole family with a high deductible medical plan and a health savings account ..."
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