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Diet & Weightloss

My husband started using alli with his work-out and low fat diet plan. It has helped him lose about 1.5 lbs a week for the past two months. ...

Help Please!! Jenny Craig Vs. Weight Watchers Vs. South Beach Diet??

One of my hurdles is trying to stick to a 'diet plan' while still cooking food for my DC and DH that THEY like. I found a program that I ...

Diet Pill Desperation

My doctor gave me a diet plan with it to follow, that will allow me to have the proper amount of calories for weight loss, the proper amt of fats, ...

Diet and Exercise with No Motivation

Diet and Exercise with No Motivation. hi everyone. i am a stay at home mom ... no idea how. every other commercial on tv is about a diet or exercise plan. ...

Looking for a Good "Diet Pill"

You have to follow the instructions on the diet plan they offer. You can get this program at stores, Sams Club even Target I believe. ...

Re Diet and Exercise

Not sure where you work out at, but if it happens to be 24 hour fitness - I would get a trainer to asses your body fat percentage and give you a diet plan ...

Diet Choices

Read all 5 responses: "Okay, I have read every book imagineable on diet, ... Please check out my website that explains about the Cinch Inch-Loss Plan. ...

Diet and Exercise

I am 31 weeks pregnant and trying to stay focused on a good diet and exercise plan for the next 9 weeks. Ideas on foods I can eat that will make me feel ...

Help with Diet After Baby #3

Sorry I cannot offer a diet plan for you, all though, weight watchers worked well for me, I lost 13 pounds in about 4 months and their plan is approved for ...

Any Healthy Diet Systems Out There??

I have thought about doing a diet plan, but I don't think they'd work for me. I' ve heard of many people have success with Weight Watchers, but I usually see ...
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  • looked into weight watchers in 4 answers "Have you looked into Weight Watchers? Their CORE program is great- based on healthy ..."
  • cinch inch loss in 2 answers "You should look at our Cinch Inch Loss Nutrition Plan."
  • weight watchers and jenny in 2 answers "I have tried both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and can tell you that diets don't ..."
  • high protein diet in 2 answers "I would avoid the South Beach Diet or any other high protein diet."
  • changed my eating habits in 2 answers "But i havent changed my eating habits, i dont eat a lot of junk anyway."