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Your Monthly Budget Strategy with Two Paychecks a Month

V.B. asks from New York

I just can't seem to win with my monthly budget. I get pay twice a month (every two weeks) one pay cycle it's for me to pay rent the other my van. I also have other...


Food Budget and Angel Food Ministries

K.L. asks from Savannah

My husband and I are trying to better manage our money. We have been setting up a budget and I was curious as to how much other people spend on food for 2 people. W...


Gift Ideas for a 19-Month-Old Boy (With a Budget)

A.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I am seeking the advice of mothers to help me in my search for gifts for my nephew this Christmas. He will be 19 months old when he would recieve the gift. I have a b...


Healthy Food Ideas for Very Tight Budget

T.W. asks from Parkersburg

I have a very tight budget! I have found it hard to buy healthier food choices that are cheap. I also have trouble coming up with snack ideas and meal ideas that dosn...


Seeking a Simple Way to Budget Money

C.C. asks from Raleigh

Hi all, I'm trying to budget our money to see where all our money goes and to keep better track of written checks for bills and expenses. My friend told me to try ...


Advise in Setting a Budget for College Student

K.W. asks from Springfield

Have a grandson who is off to College this month. Been a lot of years since we sent a child off to college and am wonder how to set up a budget for him. Wondering ...


Birthday party---Budget and Chuck E Cheese

D.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter wants her 5th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. I have a very small budget for the party and my house is not large enough to have it at home. She loves Chuck ...


School Budget, Fundraisers and So Much WASTE!!!

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

This totally drives me crazy and I wonder if other schools do this too. This is half questions and half rant. I understand that schools need to do fundraiser occasi...


How Do You Build a Decent Wardrobe with a Tight Budget?

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

I was looking at my wardrobe the other day and my how I could use some new items -something w/color, pizzazz, even some new basic brown and black pants would be nice....


Our Budget Needs Help - Husband So Stubborn!

L.J. asks from Rochester

Help, we need to stick to our budget better! With each paycheck every 2 weeks, we always seem to be in red - no matter what. We are able to pay all of our utilites,...

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