how to pick an interior door lock

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How to Unlock an Interior Bathroom Door

D.R. asks from Nashville

My two year old just locked and then shut our downstairs bathroom door. Fortunately, she was outside the bathroom or I would be calling 911 instead of asking you guys...


Survey- Do You Lock Your Child in Their Room for Nap/rest & Bedtime?

B.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms and Dads! Question- do you lock or gate your kids in their rooms for nap/rest and bedtime? A friend will close her child in their room (with the childproof...


How to Make Door Quit Locking

D.S. asks from Houston

my 3 yr old has figured out how to lock doors.he is constantly locking himself in rooms and then we have to pick the locks. right now i have all door knobs removed so...


Off Topic: Doors: Locked or Unlocked

Y.M. asks from Iowa City

Do you keep your doors locked when you are at home? We don't. I used to when I was living on my own and at my former house but for whatever reason I don't do so her...


School Securty Changles After Connecticut

L.O. asks from Detroit

What changes has your school made to school security since the shooing in Connecticut? AT our school...Before the shooting all doors were locked.. except the front d...


Little Creeped Out

A.C. asks from Dallas

About 4am, we were sleeping and I heard a door close kind of quietly, but still it woke me up with a start and I said "Jeremy!" loudly (thinking he'd gone somewhere)....


We Really Need a Neighborhood Watch program...would You Alert the Neighbors?

♥.O. asks from Washington DC

Something happened this morning that has me somewhat concerned. I leave for work at about 5:30 am. When I opened up my front door (we have a locked storm door as well...


Do You Have Double Front Doors?

H.D. asks from Dallas

Hi all, I have a stupid question but since I can't come to everyone's home to take a poll, I have to do it this way. If you have double doors on the front of your...


Renters Rights Help

M.L. asks from Houston

Our landlord and us having been issues over the past two years. We have asked her multiple times to make repairs, plumbing issues, a dying tree in the yard to be remo...


Can Not Get My 4YO to Stay in Her Bed at Night

A.C. asks from Charleston

My 4YO daughter has started getting up at night and finding other places in the house to sleep. It started in the spring with her trying to come to bed with us. We ...

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