how to make wood floors shine again

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Hardwood vs Laminate

G.D. asks from Dallas

We are going to redo our kitchen floors. Should we invest in hardwood or go with laminate? Does laminate wear quickly?


Removing 3 Year Old's Fingernail Polish Disaster

J.W. asks from Rochester

We resently gutted our bathroom and replaced everything from the sink to the toilet. And, of course, nice new things can't stay nice new things for long. My 3y/o want...


Fleas! How to Get Rid of Them?

M.S. asks from Topeka

We do not have a pet, yet we have fleas! We had a dog in the house about a month ago and I guess this could be just showing up from that? I don't know. I have an olde...


Carpet or Hardwood

A.Z. asks from Denver

We are getting ready to remodle our kitchen and livingroom. We don't know if we want carpet or hardwood floors. We have a 3 year old and 10 month boys and a lab. W...



E.L. asks from Dallas

Hey Mommas, I just had engineered hardwood floors put in, so my question is on maintenance. How do you clean it and with what? Does one product work better than ano...


Looking for a Good Steam Mop

H.M. asks from San Francisco

I have started shopping for a good steam mop. Mainly for tile with grout, but will be used on sealed hard wood floors. I have been reading some reviews, it has been ...


How to Clean Hardwoods?

M.H. asks from Raleigh

So today I spilled a large bowl of pasta salad on my nice new hardwood floors. It had an Italian dressing base, so I knew it was going to be an oily mess. Well I clea...


Laminate Flooring in Bathroom?

L.C. asks from Duluth

Hi all! We are ripping out our carpet and installing laminate flooring, it looks awesome! Is it possible to use it in the bathroom? Or, will the water ruin the fl...


Going Green- OH MY I Need Serious Help Here!!!

T.C. asks from Chicago

Well tonight I tried another attempt at being more "Green"! What a disaster! I decided to try to make my own cleaning products. A website that said to mix baking soda...


Pergo Floor Cleaner

D.C. asks from Portland

Does anybody out there have a cleaning product that does not leave a film on my Pergo laminate flooring. I have tried everything to try and get its shine back. I ca...

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  • murphys oil soap in 3 answers "I would also think Murphy's oil soap would work fine."
  • swifter wet mop in 2 answers "I us the swifter wet mop with the hardwood floor cleaner."
  • laminate hardwood floors in 2 answers "When we go to replace those rooms we will probably get laminate/hardwood floors in ..."
  • laminate wood flooring in 2 answers "If you're really not into the laminate wood flooring, although I highly recommend ..."
  • tea tree oil in 3 answers "... water, and just a few drops of essential oils (lavender and tea tree oil ..."