how to make bath time fun

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Bathing Tips for 6 Year Old and 4 Year Old Sisters

Any thoughts or perspective on how I can make bathtime more productive? ..... I know kids like bath time to be fun, but as they get older, they need to ...

Pre-teens and Young Teens

I try to make bath time as fun as I can get it to be. Sometimes its a inconvience for me to get in but thats the only way she'll take a bath. ...

What to Put in Plastic Easter Egg for 1 Year Old

It's fun when the kids actually find a pair! Also, the mini bubbles from the dollar store fit nicely in the larger eggs. (Bubbles make great bathtime fun! ...

Bath Time??

But don't make it a rush rush bath because bath time play is fun and important as well. Let them have some "bath toys" to play with or fun soaps and 10 ...

10 Month Old Wants to Stand in the Tub While Getting a Bath

If it's stressing you out just make it a short bathtime. Helpful? ... Yep, its fun to stand and she's not giving it up for a bath. ...

Advice on Bathtime

Just make sure they're not letting the water run too long. .... Bath time is fun AND a necessity. My daughter is 8 and she LOVES to take her toys in. ...


For your daughter, try to make it as fun as you can, i.e. blowing bubbles ... My other daughter started to dislike her bathtime around 4-5 months and it was ...

How to Tell 2 Year-old About New Baby

When it was bath time we both bathed are babies, fed them, changed them, .... When you start setting up the cradle make sure there is some way your son can help ... You can play up the fun they'll have together, and keep reassuring that ...

Need Evening Indoor Activities for 2-Yr. Old Not Always Interested in Toys

Jan 9, 2010 ... Other cheats are: bathtime is only every other day (better for their skin .... You can make it at home too, which is really cool for them to watch and pick what .... Plus, I'm a sucker for playdough too, its so much fun! ...

Bath Toy Funk!

The kids love them and even though they don't float they still make for hours of bath time fun and we have had the same set now for a few years. Helpful? ...
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