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Help Husband Get Motivated to Lose Weight

I need a good way to help motivate my husband to lose weight without nagging him . He's overweight and has skin psoriasis. Losing weight would help with this ...

Safely Losing Weight During Pregnancy

I agree that I don't think it's a good time to lose weight. ... That said, if you want to lose some weight, or at least not put any more extra pounds on, ...

Weight Loss Immediately After Giving Birth

You will loose the weight of the baby along with the weight of the fluids of ..... I didn't do anything to lose weight but I did/do nurse and I am active. ...

Need to Loose Some Belly Fat

Just find something you enjoy, I'm sure you will lose the weight you want to, but don't be too hard on yourself it's a marathon not a sprint. ...

Need to Lose 20 Pounds

I am ready now to lose the weight (it's been almost 2 years since I had my son and I'm at my biggest right now). Thanks to everyone in advance! ...

35 Weeks Pregnant and Losing Weight?

it is normal to loose weight right before the baby is born. realistically you could go any time now...being 35 weeks... with both my kids I lost anywhere ...

Has Anyone Attended Weight Watchers Meetings/used Online Tools?

I need to lose weight again and I think Ww has the best plan because it teaches and guides you through choosing the right foods and the right portions. ...

Has Anyone Ever Used Medifast?

It works, it's a healthy way to lose weight, and it's a lifestyle, .... Medifast works to lose the weight but the problem is learning to change your eating ...

1 Year Old Losing Weight

My pediatrician told me that it's more common for toddlers between 9-18 mos to lose weight rather than gain. Unless it's a huge weight loss, they are fine. ...

Lose the Baby Weight

Your energy levels will rise, you will feel better overall, your skin may improve, your hair can look healthier, and since you lose weight your self- esteem ...
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