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Question on Weight Gain After Stopping Breastfeeding

I had lost some pregnancy weight after having my second child, was eating right and exercising, but still was overweight by 30 ... Best Way to Lose Weight ...

Hcg Weight Loss

im trying to find someone who knows about the HCG diet thing on mamasource. my husband is overweight and has been desperate to loose weight for a long time. ...

Need to Lose Weight Very Fast- Please Help!!!

Read all 9 responses: "Hi there, what I am going to say I know sounds horrible and may I say, stupid but I have to. I feel discusted with myself and I feel ...

How Did You Lose You Baby Weight?

Read all 11 responses: "My husband and I are planning our 5 year anniversary cruise and would like to know how everyone else lost the baby weight.


Read all 8 responses: "I know I can't diet while breastfeeding. Does this mean I can't lose weight at all until I am finished breastfeeding?

Lose the Baby Weight

Read all 5 responses: "I have two babies under the age of two and am not losing weight easily. I am tired of people telling me I still look pregnant.

NEED To Lose Weight

Read all 20 responses: "Hello AGAIN! I am sure everyone is tired of all my requests ... but I REALLY do find GREAT KIND advice from a lot of the time here.

Lose Belly N Thighs

So, when you are on the shapeworks program, as you lose the weight, your skin tightens right along with the wieght loss, so you don't have "loose skin" ...

Anyone Have Luck with Weight Watchers?

At age 40 I'm having to work hard to loose weight and having my hubby's help is invaluable. Plus he is dropping the sympathy weight he gained when I was ...

Weight Plateau After Birth

I was 128 lbs pre-pregnancy and have plateaud losing weight and am stuck at 140 lbs ... dieting while breastfeeding · how to lose weight while breastfeeding ...
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  • watch your portion sizes in 2 answers "liquid calories are the easiest to avoid. watch your portion sizes."
  • burn more calories in 2 answers "... use the eliptical machines rather than the treadmill. You burn more calories ..."
  • used the flex plan in 2 answers "... I had come to believe I would never be able to do it. I have used the Flex plan ..."
  • burn 500 calories in 2 answers "You burn 500 calories when you breastfeed."
  • enjoy your cruise in 2 answers "I hope you enjoy your cruise."