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How Did You Introduce Food into Your Babies Diet?

K.M. asks from San Diego

My lil one is 6 months old and we just started feeding her cereal 1 time per day (which she LOVES). I feel like an idiot asking this but - now what? I know I'm suppos...


When and How to Introduce Peanut Butter to Toddler

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I've never given peanuts or anything related to nuts to my toddler so I'm a little worried he's going to have an allergic reaction. At what age do you introduce pean...


Should I Introduce Cereal at Three Months?

M.S. asks from Visalia

My mother-in-law seems to think that it's a good idea to introduce Rice cereal to my son at three months old instead of the recommended six months. I'm completely new...


Baby Food

A.S. asks from Lubbock

Hey everyone!Well my baby is seven months now and I am thinking about making his food.Doeas anyone have some advice on this.I have done some of the fruit but Im not s...


Baby's First Food

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

What did you choose for your baby's first food and why you chose it?


When to Introduce Mango?

J.G. asks from Omaha

I am making our daughters baby food at home. She will be 6 months old on Monday. Can we introduce MANGO? Some sites say yes some say no... Did you steam it fi...


What Brand of Baby Food and Why?

K.S. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter is almost 5 months old and we are getting ready to introduce solids. I was wondering what brand of baby food others have chosen and why? Also wondered a...


When Did You Introduce Solids to Your Infant?

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I know what the books say - but what do you moms actually do? I have always been one, it seems, that waits longer than other moms to start my little ones on solids. ...


When Do I Introduce Dairy Products?

E.N. asks from Eugene

My son is 8 months. At about 6 months we started testing formula- he is mostly breastfed, but I've had to supplement at lunch since I just went back to work full time...


Best Way to Introduce Milk

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

my daughter will be one in 2 weeks and I want to introduce whole milk soon. Currently she has a drinkable YoBaby yogurt (or regular YoBaby) every day and I give her c...

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