how to give breast milk in a bottle

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Adding Cereal to the Bottle

I breast fed him 2 mo only - til 4 mo mixing breast milk and formula in a .... I can't give any advice on how to do this as my boys never took a bottle. ...

Introducing a Bottle?

We started with breastmilk in a bottle at 10 or 11 weeks (my husband gave ... I would wait for a few more weeks than have your husband give her one bottle ...

How Much Breastmilk Does a 3 Month Old Need?

When I pump now and give her the bottle I get between 3 - 4 oz which she seems ... My favorite site for all things breastfeeding including breastmilk ...

3 Month Old Won't Drink from a Bottle

If you're working half days, I'd send a bottle of breastmilk, but tell her not to ... First of all, I was told that you can't be the one to give the bottle. ...

10 Month Old Won't Breast Feed Outside of the Home or Take a Bottle. What to Do?

Oct 22, 2009 ... But, if you can give her solids and good snacks, then I wouldn't worry to .... 4 month old won t take bottle · bottle feeding breast milk ...

Wont to Stop Breastfeeding but Baby Wont Take Formula or Bottle

I have to tell you that out of all the research I have done, breastmilk is the VERY ... knows you as the one to give breastmilk, not formula in a bottle. ...

How Much Breast Milk/formula Should My 8-Month Old Be Taking??

In addition to those bottles, I send a 6 oz bottle of formula. ... Sometimes I will give him water or formula out of his sippy cup, ... Most babies take about an ounce an hour of breastmilk and since she's eating solids she may want ...

1 Year Old Throwing up After Bottle, Milk Allergy?

If you don't want to give him soymilk, you can also give him lactose free lipil formula mixed with his breast milk. I really hope your baby gets better! :) ...

He Won't Take Formula

He wouldn't take breast milk from a bottle so I had to wean him first then give it to him in a bottle. So, long story short, you may have to try different ...

Can I Reuse Pumped, Fresh Breastmilk?

Sep 1, 2009 ... If it's too easy for the baby to get a lot of milk out of the bottle at once, he might begin to prefer it to the breast. ...
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  • person who said you should never give cereal in 2 answers "As for the person who said you should never give cereal to a baby, how do you think ..."
  • sounds like a milk allergy in 2 answers "Definitely sounds like a milk allergy to me."
  • bottle or sippy cup in 2 answers "... are trying to wean him but have you tried breast milk in a bottle or sippy cup ..."
  • its worth a shot in 2 answers "I think it's worth a shot for you to try this bottle becuase the nipple is very similar ..."
  • try soy milk in 2 answers "I'd take hiim to an allergist. Try Soy Milk to see if that makes him sick."