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Get the Smell of Pee Out of Mattress

White vinegar and water, half and half mix, gets out everything. I would use a spray bottle or wet a towel with it and blot the stain. Then get a waterproof ...

How to Remove Grass Stains from Jeans

When our son was little he would get all sorts of stains (tea, grass, etc.) every day. I could get most EVERYTHING out by using the gritty stuff that ...

Getting Red Juice Stain Out of Beige Carpet

I've had to get red dye #40 out of light carpet recently. ... I use hot spot or is it shot....that stuff takes any stain out...but if you don't want those ...

Makeup Stain on White Carpet

I even use it to get all the stains out of my toddlers clothes, ... Never tried to get makeup out of carpet but it's worked on all stains in my carpet old ...

Advice on How to Get Vomit Smell Out of Carpet

We get tons of stains out of our carpet with that. Hope it helps! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Desitin Stain

I swear by Sunlight to get those stains out that Shout or other stain removal sprays don't remove as easily. Great for Desitin stains, as well as formula ...

How to Get Vomited Milk Out of My Carpet?!

I have been able to get every kind of smell and stain that 2 kids can manufacture out of my carpet with this, and my light colored solid plush carpet still ...

Red Wine Stain Removal ~ How Do I Remove the Stain

I blotted it up the best I could, but what can I use to get the stain out? The only thing I had was a stain remover called Lloyd's. It did take out the red ...

Stain on Granite Countertops

Has anyone had granite stains and how did you get it out. I am so upset because we got ... Granite is very hard to get stains out of when they do occur. ...
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