how to get rid of rug burn

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Rug Burn Advice

She has rug burn pretty bad on her knees, does anyone have any advice how to get rid of it? I forgot to mention, she is getting the rug burn thru her pants. ...

I Need Help Getting Rid of Lice Fast

Couch chair curtains rugs anything that might be contaminated must be ..... Lice are one of the hardest most aggravating bugs to get rid of Weve had it ...

Mystery Rash

Jun 19, 2009 ... My husband thinks it it like rug burn from the friction on the ... kid used to get it pretty bad and the doctor told her to get rid of the ...

Yeast Infection in 9 Month Old?

Sounds like it could be the nasty to get rid of yeast infection. ..... Does it look like she was pelletted with bb's or like a rug burn (red dotts kind of ...

Pubic Hair?

I didn't want to give my husband a rug burn!!! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This .... I personally wax because I get severe razor burn when I shave. ...

2 Year Old Bangs Head

Did he just get his next set of vaccinations? Have you changed anything in the ... LOL I was always worried he would end up with rug burn on his forhead. ...

Removing Permanet Marker from Walls

Just wanted to let you know that the "Magic Erasers" will not cause chemical burns... but can cause an abrasion (just like carpet can cause rug burn) You ...

Spilled Gasoline in the Car!!!

Does anyone have any idea how to clean it up and get rid of the horrible fumes? ... it and poured in on all the rugs after pulling them out of her car then she ... After all it's the fumes that burn. You would have thought I would have ...

How Do You Keep Socks on the Little Ones?

It was hard for him to get used to the idea of shoes when he never wore any ... they're ment for preventing rug burn on babys knees, but if you're that ...

Getting Crayon Out of Carpet

I'm not that gentle, and I'm afraid I would burn my carpet if I tried an iron. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ... I have to think crayons are easier to get out then koolaid! Best of luck. Helpful? ... large rugs · rust stains ...
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  • mr clean magic eraser in 5 answers "Mr Clean Magic eraser is GREAT for removing permanent marker from walls counters and ..."
  • use my husbands beard trimmer in 2 answers "I use my husbands beard trimmer to cut everything down close and then shave and then ..."
  • tea tree oil shampoo in 2 answers "And use a Germicidal shampoo to remove such as the Tea Tree oil shampoo."
  • magic eraser by mr in 2 answers "Try the Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean."
  • cleans magic eraser in 4 answers "I have found Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser will remove permanent marker."