how to get rid of dead mice smell

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F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Seems we have and continue to have mice. We live in a co-op building. First signs of them were under the kitchen sink. Glue traps caught several, s...


How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smell

B.Z. asks from Philadelphia

We have had mice & husband put oput mouse poison. It did the trick, but the mouse must have died in the wall. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of the smell? It i...


Bleeeeeping Mice!!!!!!

M.P. asks from Provo

UGH! I am sooo sick and tired of the mice! We have traps out but they are to freaking smart. I have done the traps, sticky paper, humane traps, Natural repellants (dr...


Mice in the House?!

B.F. asks from Denver

We have found at least 3 mice in the house. I am afraid there might be more. We've tried D-con (they ate it and disappeared, never found the dead body). We also pu...


A.R. asks from St. Louis

Hello ladies, Oh my gosh, I am going to need some advice, suggestions or ideas you have to find where mice are coming from and how to get rid of these horrible cre...


Mice!!! Eeeek!!

M.H. asks from Houston

I seem to have a family of field mice living in or under my outside storage shed. I am in need of advice on how to exterminate these pests. I have a fenced in yard, n...


Mice Mice Everywhere>>>>>>yuck!

T.R. asks from Wichita

Ok, so I live by a field and the best way to control this would be of course...a Cat. BUT, my husband hates them and won't let us get one. :( Plus we are renting a...


Need Help with Mice in the House!

C. asks from Chicago

We've found 3 dead mice at different times in our basement this past summer at 3 different places but didn't worry too much. My husband did put a sticky pad in the b...


Problem .... Mice ..... HELP !

S.S. asks from Kansas City

I need advice on how to get rid of MICE ! We bought an older house back in Feb. and when my mom was cleaning the kitchen she said she found mouse droppings ..... GRO...


Mice!!! Ughh, I'm So Tired of Them!

R. asks from Columbia

We have a huge field behind our place, that used to be filled with old trailers, sheds, etc. Anyway last summer they cleared all of that out. Every since then we have...

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