how to get red lipstick out of carpet

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What Is the Best Stain Remover for Clothing?

I've also used the sauce (ketchup, pasta sauce - the red sauces) and that works well ... If those 2 things can get stains out of my son's white baseball pants, ... dog urine, mud, hotwing sauce, vomit...out of clothes and carpet. ... Ink from printers (commercial GOUP ink) to grass, blood, chocolate and lipstick! ...

Help! a Crayon Went Through the Dryer!

My daughter left a red crayon in her pocket. I used WISK. ... Personally, I forgot to take a lipstick out of my uniform pocket and had to get an ... that happened to my mom, and she sprayed a little RESOLVE carpet cleaner, ... Here's what to do: Get some old towels, pop them in the dryer and run on hot for a few ...

Allergies: What Can I Do???

Cigarette smoke is the worst, he has to get out of the area or he will need .... Just add some tears or cuts, a little fake blood (red lipstick, ketchup, . ...

Diaper Pail

I take the bag out once a week, on trash day, and I never have an odor, .... Just add some tears or cuts, a little fake blood (red lipstick, ketchup, . ...

Fireplace Graffitti!

Solumeal get off marker paint tar fingernail polish lipstick and much much ... marker on most surfaceseven got red sharpy off our beige carpetstunk for a ...

Somebody to Help with laundry...not Really I Just Have Stains.

I can not get the grass stains out and his pants look tan compared to every one ... After painting my face with *red lipstick*, she told me I was a gumball. ...

Permanent Marker on White Kitchen Floor

You can get this through a wellness company called Melaleuca Inc. Have you ever ... It also gets out blood, lipstick, red paint, alll of those impossible ... nail polish & and kool-aid type stains from your carpet without damaging the ...

Hardwood Floors Advice

Once you get the floors make sure you use a soft bristle broom to sweep. .... Just add some tears or cuts, a little fake blood (red lipstick, ketchup, . ...

Punishment for Pretty Pictures????

Except that the picture turned out pretty. I'd love to know what it depicted! ... picking flowers...with her bright red lipstick on 70's era wood paneling. ...

How Do I Clean Highlighter Writing from Wall

Try GERM-X. It took red sharpie off of a desk and wall! .... My son colored on our carpet with highlighter and rubbing alcohol removed it right away. ... Another neighbor came out > > and told him to get his WD-40 and clean it off. ... 42) If you've washed and dried a tube of lipstick with a load of Laundry, ...
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