how to get oil out of clothe

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How to Get Oil Out of the Couch?

This happened yesterday. Any suggestions on how to get that out? ... Blot up the excess oil with a cloth, paper napkin or paper bag and then pour vinegar on ...

How to Get the "Stink" Out of Cloth Diapers?

I am a rep for The Body Shop at home and we carry tea tree oil that I could .... We use it to get the sour milk smell out of clothes and when they do the ...

Crayon off Clothes

Sep 6, 2009 ... The bottles are color coded to match the stains you are trying to get rid of. This stuff got out oil stains that had already set onto dried ...

Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers

Read all 6 responses: "I have two babies in diapers and I'm new to cloth diapers . ... how to get smell out of cloth diaper · Essential Oil ...

**Need Help on Getting Glue Out of Dog's Hair!!**

My mom always told me to use peanut butter or cooking oil to get chewing gum out of my hair. It might work for you. ... Advice on Getting Gum Out of Clothes ...

Washed and Dryed Chapstick with Laundry

I used it to get salad oil stains out of a shirt I'd already washed and dried. It worked, but took doing it twice .... How to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothing ...

Cleaning Permanent Marker Out of Clothes/cleaning Pergo (Sp?) Floors

you can try several things to get the marker out of the clothes. ... I used baby oil to remove it from her body and put some on her clothes and scrubbed. ...

Olive Oil on Pant

I pretreat with a little Dawn dish detergent and it takes out all oil ... How to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothing · 20 · Washing Diaper Messes Out of Clothes ...

How to Get Ballpoint Pen off of Vinyl?

And the melted crayon, if you can get an iron out to your car. I saw somewhere put a napkin(cloth) down over the area and heat it, it is easier to get up. ...
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  • dawn dishwashing liquid in 2 answers "I have 2 remedies for that....Dawn dishwashing liquid (cuts the grease, just ike the ..."
  • tea tree oil in 6 answers "I prewashed/soaked with cold water and baking soda and a little tea tree oil."
  • murphys oil soap in 2 answers "Or something like Murphy's Oil soap might be a good idea."
  • tea tree oil in 5 answers "... disks from a recipe I found was a combo of dish soap, tea tree oil ..."
  • clean magic eraser in 4 answers "Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?"