how to get my 11 month old to sleep

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20 Do I Get More?

L.M. asks from Dover

I seem to have an ongoing issue of not getting enough sleep. Even if I go to bed early, I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or getting good sleep even...


How Important Are Sleep Schedules for 11 Month Olds?

K.L. asks from Austin

Hi! I am starting to feel a little lost without a daily routine. I have started out parenting in a way that would allow me to follow my babies cues and not the clock ...


11 Month Old Wont Sleep at Night

K.G. asks from Denver

My baby is almost 11 months and still wont sleep through the night. She was sleeping all night up until about 4 months, when she got her first ear infection, she has ...


How Do I Wean My 11 Month Old?

T.D. asks from Sacramento

I need to know how to wean my 11 month old son. When I come home from work, he cries for me to breastfeed him. If I hold him, he puts his face near my breasts. I am ...


11 Month Old Not Sleeping

T.C. asks from Barnstable

I have a wonderful 11 month old baby girl. She has been sleeping in her own crib since 6 months old. Recently we went out of town for a week and the day after we came...


Fussy 11 Month Old

D.S. asks from Houston

I am fostering twin 11 month old boys and a 27 month old. I've only had them for 5 weeks. One of the twins is very fussy, mostly at meal time. I've tried alternati...


Weaning My 11 Month Old??? HOW

T.B. asks from San Francisco

I want to start weaning my 11 month old. A little background he doesn't take a bottle (never liked anything plastic) which means I was never able to pump or give for...


Need Help Getting 11 Month Old to Sleep for Naps

E.A. asks from Salt Lake City

HELP!! After a miserable winter of sickness, I finally feel my 11 month old daughter is ready and well enough to be put down for naps awake. With my first (6 year o...


Helping My 11 Month Old Sleep Thru the Night CONSISTENTLY

R.S. asks from Sacramento

My 11 month old has never consistently slept through the night. He will go 3 or so nights with sleeping great, or waking up and being able to put himself back to sle...


11 Month Old Still Not Sleeping Through the Nigth and Refuses to Ween

S.L. asks from Sacramento

Hi All, My 11 month old still wakes up every hour at night wanting to nurse. She will not go back to sleep unless I nurse her. I am so tired, does anyone have any ...

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  • no cry sleep solution in 4 answers "The book "No-Cry Sleep Solution""
  • white noise machine in 3 answers "Work on her waking up less, get a white noise machine, make sure she is not teething ..."
  • worked like a charm in 2 answers "... I would warm a blanket in the dryer and wrap them in it. Worked like a charm ..."
  • your milk supply in 3 answers "You can sleep and breast feed at the same time, your milk supply will never go away ..."
  • healthy sleep habits in 2 answers "I would highly recommend "Healthy Sleep Habits,Happy Child""