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Healthy Trim

M.S. asks from Houston

Have any of you mamas ever taken the supplement Healthy Trim (I think they actually spell it ending in "e"). I'm thinking about buying this product but wanted to get...


Healthy Recipes

B.L. asks from Missoula

My husband and I want to start eating really healthy. We want our meals to be mainly vegetables. I don't know how to go about this though because we have a 2 1/2 year...


"Healthy" Shampoo

H.K. asks from Gainesville

I have used some shampoo for years that is suppose to not have bad ingredients that give us "brain tumors" or whatever the claim is on the cheap shampoos (or so they ...


Healthy Snacks

S.B. asks from Kansas City

My husband has been working on a computer program for work for 2 years and this is their "go live" month. I think he's slept about 6 hours in the last 2 nights, and h...


Healthy Trim *

L.G. asks from Detroit

Im hearing all kind of radio ad's for Healthy Trim... Im thinking of ordering some - Hubby is on army duty - and i think this is the perfect time to get skinny pe...


Foods That Are Not Healthy to Eat Together

L.L. asks from Detroit

A year ago I received a report of certain foods that you should not eat at the same time, something about the foods not digesting properly together and there were qui...


Healthy Trim

L.J. asks from Detroit

I listen to channel 955 a lot, and they are always talking about healthy trim. Have any of you moms taken it before. I usually am against taking pills to lose weighgt...



S.R. asks from Dallas

OK moms. Let me start by saying...I am not a mom that loves to cook. I need easy stuff. I want to offer my girls a healthy breakfast. something better than lucky ...


Is This a Healthy Food?

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

So on this Tuesday morning I have decided to not only pass up the strawberry desert but the chocolate cake for breakfast as well and got a bluberry yogurt parfait. I...


Healthy Recipes

C.T. asks from Milwaukee

Hello Moms, I need recipes. HEALTHY, but tasty, recipes or meal ideas I can make for my whole family. Myself, my husband and my 2 year old. We're not picky so b...

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  • brain tumors from shampoo in 2 answers "I have NEVER heard of getting brain tumors from shampoo."
  • granola can be high in fat in 2 answers "Like others have said the yogurt and granola can be high in fat and sugar/calories ..."
  • egg white omelet in 2 answers "I would wait for the egg white omelet."
  • monterey jack cheese in 2 answers "... 1 cup sour cream 1 jar (16 oz) salsa Flour tortillas Monterey/Jack cheese ..."
  • like bran flakes in 2 answers "For breakfast my kids eat cereals like Bran Flakes or Weetabix , or they like toasted ..."