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Getting 16 Month Old to Eat

After 11 children (3 years to 23 years) all I can say is they eat when they are hungry. If you only present food that you decide is healthy and limit the ...

8 Month Old Won't Eat

For the last two week she does not want to eat. She will..." ... dr. just said if he will eat one meal a day to make sure that it is a healthy meal and that ...

Won't Eat Veggies Anymore

Hi E., No Worries! Go ahead and hide veggies in her food! The desired result here is that yo want her to be healthy and eat a balanced diet. ...

Getting 2 Year Old to Eat

That means your son needs to be eating the best things when he does eat. In our home, we sit down for three meals a day. I try to make them healthy. ...

17-Month Old Won't Eat Dinner

Encourage your son to eat healthy food when he is hungry, and respect his internal message when he has had enough. Often, too, little ones go through times ...

13 Month Old - Healthy Easy Meals/snacks

Read all 11 responses: "I'm looking for healthy, quick and easy to prepare ... Seinfeld devoted to hiding purees in food to get your family to eat healthy. ...

Toddler Will Not Eat

Should i give him what he wants like pancakes, cereal, PB &J, fruit bars or let him go hungry until he's ready to eat the "healthy" stuff? ...

16 Month Old Refuses to Eat

Some times you have to be pretty tricky when it comes to getting the kids to eat properly! As long as the doctor says he's healthy, I wouldn't worry about ...

7.5 Month Old Reluctant to Eat

Put it on her plate insist she eat one bite and then make sure there are other things on her plate. Don't do snacks that aren't healthy. ...

8 Month Old Refuses to Eat

As long as she isn't loosing she is healthy and will eat and drink more as needed. Hope that help a little. By the way it was our second child that this ...
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