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Toddler with Allergies - I Need Some Suggestions!

A friend of mine gets a shot every 3 months but I don't know if they'll do that with kids. Also, keep the dog out of her room and off her things, brush the ...

Getting a Dog for the First Time

I have never seen a dog more patient. My son pokes him,rides him,pulls his ears and tail, and the dog is more than happy to let him do whatever. ...

Best Family Dog Breeds

Whatever you do, don't buy a dog on impulse and don't buy one from a petstore. Educate yourself about "puppymills"--impulse buys and petstore sales support ...

Toddler and Dog

Jun 9, 2009 ... Do you praise your son when he is nice to your dog? You can also show him examples of how to be nice to your dog too. ...

HELP! Desperately Need Low Cost Vet Services for Injured Dog!

Once she starts licking her wound herself, do nothing else, she will heal it on her own. Good luck. by the way, we did this and our dog is perfectly fine ...

Ideas for Explaining Death of Dog to 4 Year Old

DO NOT tell your son that your dog went to sleep and did not wake up! That could cause some serious, long-term sleep problems. Tell your son that your dog ...

Where Is the Black Stinky Stuff Coming from on My Dog?

So do you have any idea where the smell is coming from?? It's not dog poop because the color is black. I've seen bunny droppings in the yard, but could that ...

Kid Friendly Nail Polish??

I am sure they do have kid friendly nail polish but my friend uses doggy nail polish for her little one who is oh so girly! It doesn't have the chemicals in ...

Allowances: at What Age Do We Start and How Much $

I do not give them allowances. I get them to do chores around the house and ...... WHile it was expected that we help out with yard work and doggy poo duty, ...

Apartment Living

Hi A., The baby and the dog belong to both of you, I do not think you are unreasonable. I understand he wants to sleep in the day. ...
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