how to cook hot dogs in a roaster

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Need to Cook a Lot of Hot Dogs for B-day Party

What is a good way to cook a lot of hot dogs at one time without bbqing them?" ... Put a little water in the bottom of an electric roaster, turn on low. ...

Pizza, Hotdogs...JUNK FOOD

Oct 13, 2009 ... Read all 20 responses: "I am a mom who does not like to cook. ... how to cook hot dogs in a roaster · christmas markets · wholegrain food ...

Fast, Economical Lunch for 40

Roaster ideas. How about a indoor hot dog roast... Ask certain families to bring the ..... I also cook my chili in a large Crock Pot or slow cooker. ...

Cooking for Kids

However, I don't want to burden my daughter with an inability to cook and don't ... high in sodium! roasting a chicken is easy and cheaper then publix. wash it .... Also, it's OK to have hot dogs sometimes, or those insanely delicious ...

Easy Recipies or Crock Pot Meals

Roasts? Cut up carrots and potatoes and lay on bottom of slowcooker. ... Here are some idea's for alternative meals to cook, here and there:) ... (boil hot dogs first. Let cool. wrap in pillsbury croissant and bake accordingly to the ...

Daughter's 1St Birthday

I don't think my husband wants to be cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for that many ... or roasters, all you have to do is cook with BBQ sauce and then shred. ...

Camping Meal Ideas

When I was a kid and my family would go camping, we would cook our meals in foil ..... My girls loved roasting hot dogs (we use turkey dogs, you could use ...

Need Menu Ideas for a Large Party

Jun 26, 2009 ... If you do the hamburgers and hotdogs, just buy the tin containers to put them as you cook to keep them hot. You could just stick them in ...

Easy Things to Cook

ANyway, here is what I do... find a roaster at the store. .... Get the cresants in a tube, hotdogs or ham, and cheese. Fold one piece of cheese at a ...

Need Some Ideas for Food for a Birthday Party

Sep 17, 2009 ... chicken nuggets, pierogies (big hit at my last party), hotdogs, meatballs, tomato pie, hoagies (cut small) ... How to Cook for a Large Party ...
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  • baked potato bar in 4 answers "I did a baked potato bar for my son's baptism and it worked out great."
  • sloppy joes or chili in 2 answers "Use turkey and do sloppy joes or chili... Another easy/inexpensive dish is mostacholi ..."
  • boil them in a big pot in 2 answers "boil them in a big pot of water."
  • them in a big pot on the stove in 2 answers "Good old fashioned boiled! Toss them in a big pot on the stove- I loved '"
  • dutch oven cooking in 2 answers "My family does alot of camping as well as we love my dads DUTCH OVEN cooking."