how to clean suede couch

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Pets and Faux Leather

I bought a couch that was stain treated and its amazing how things just come off of .... How Do I Clean Leather Furniture? 17 · Microsuede/Microfiber Couch ...

Getting Ink Out of Leather

Those white Magic Mr Clean I think. Those get out everything...even permanent marker on our tan suede couch!! 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

"Ink Explosion" Trying to Find a Way to Get Ink Stains Out of My Dryer

I've seen haispay get ink out of a suede leather couch with no leftover marks. Helpful? .... As for the dryer, you can use oxy clean spray in there too, ...

Getting Crayon Out of Carpet

I would try those Mr Clean Magic Ereasers. They got red permanent marker off of my suede couch!!!! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

How to Get a Mustard Stain Out of a Shirt

Get Oxi Clean stain remover. It is in the laundry section. ... to get dried banana out of clothes, ink of my suede sofa, and blood out of my white carpet. ...

Ideas on Removing Pen Marks

Hi B., I was wondering if your couch was suede or the real leather. ... I also found that the regular Mr Clean Magic erasers work better/longer than the ...

Stain on My Countertop!

Also it took out candle wax in my suede couch. It also takes out tree sap and blood ... Try Clorox Clean-up, it has gotten every stain out of my countertop. ...

Seeking Help in Getting Sharpie Permanent Marker Out of My GMC Savanna Van

I did find Mr.Clean Magic eraser worked on my leather car interior. .... Arbonne Intelligence · cheap couch · suede cleaning · white bedroom furniture ...

Seeking Advice/opinions on Family-friendly Furniture

We have micro-fiber/suede-like fabric and I'm not a fan. ..... I have 4 kids under 9 so keeping the couches, etc. clean is a huge task. ...

How Do You Get Ball Point Pen off of Linoleum?

Have you tried the Mr Clean eraser? I swear my life on it. ... My 5 yr. old spilled a whole glass of red wine on our beige couch. ..... It also took crayon off my laminate wood flooring, my poly suede sofa.... the list goes on. ...
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